The biggest dilemma that all contractors have is what equipment they are going to choose for their projects, especially today that we live in the most competitive marketplace. It doesn’t matter if you have a large manufacturing company or a small one, you just have to consider the benefits of your purchase.

So, keep reading and think twice to find the most effective option.

  1. Lower operational cost

Buying used machines means that someone else has already take on the first and higher value. The next person has the chance to buy the same machine at a better value. Do not forget that the lower costs of used equipment will help you keep your operations under budget.

  1. Lead time

Time is precious when you work at the jobsites and the fact is that new equipment requires long lead time. When the need is urgent, a used machine is always ready to ship and all the contractors choose, finally, a used machine.

  1. Return Of Investment

Because of the shorter lead time the return of investment is faster. A new machinery can have lead time weeks or months and all this time the investor loses time and money of course.

  1. Massive variety

The market of used machinery is huge and you can find a wide range of used equipment everywhere. Various brands and costs, exactly like cars, you can find the perfect fit for your needs without trouble under a quantum of choices.

  1. Avoid Depreciation Loss

New will not be forever new! When you buy new equipment, you buy for its newness and together you buy the major depreciation of the machine. When something getting used, the value diminishes and worth less over and over the time.


Whether you decide to buy a new or used machine, think wisely!

Consider your pocket and the value of your operations. Iron Mall is by your side to cover all your needs, providing solutions that will move your business forward.