Being all of us a part of the 21st century, we noticed that the worldwide infrastructures improve human’s life quality by offering flexibility and speed to our daily routines. The entire society demand, for higher speed, better quality, and more secure connectivity into the worldwide web, has become one of the most critical factors than ever before. The worldwide web connects people, neighborhoods, and entire cities between each other reinforcing human and corporate relationships or building stronger foundations between the several nations and entities. The combination of Fiber To The Home (FTTH) connectivity and 5G technology build up the necessary infrastructure to bring people and services together.

The fiber optic installation becomes an easy work by selecting the right equipment. Precision, low operational cost, and high productivity are only a few of those benefits where corporates and contractors receive by using the right technology and tools.

Within a large range and variety of equipment, Garbin Srl manufactures the most flexible and productive equipment for installing fiber in urban areas. Designed to be tough and robust, the Garbin rockwheel offers the capability to cut precisely in asphalt, concrete, and mixed soil conditions.

The combination of narrow footprint and optional loading conveyor, gives the ability to increase productivity to open cut applications with extremely limited space. Flexibility, ergonomics, and performance are those benefits where every civil contractor receive by selecting Garbin to be the daily partner on the jobsite.