Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to transform organizations, their industries and the world around us. But an algorithm is just the beginning. To achieve transformational change, you need a platform that brings AI out of the lab and into the real world.

Accelerate outcomes with a backbone for artificial intelligence

Iron Mall makes machine learning operational by connecting models to the real-world decisions they inform. Often, AI algorithms live in experimental vacuums. Our team provides the end-to-end infrastructure an organization needs to apply AI to real problems and real data.

The most effective AI encodes and supercharges an organization’s unique expertise. That requires uniting an organization’s data scientists, decision-makers, and everyday employees in an environment for collaborating on AI powered operations.

  • A unifying ontology. AIR ontology translates an equipment’s complex data landscape into human-readable concepts. Iron Mall Intenso built models reflect how a piece of equipment views the world and unite data scientists, engineers, analysts, executives, and operational end users around a common semantic layer.
  • Granular security controls. Iron Mall AIR lets equipment define granular access control policies at the integration stage, then propagates those policies intelligently across the system. Organizations can promote collaboration confidently with granular data security and transparent data governance.
  • Model templates. AIR’s model templates empower low-code and no-code AI so even non-technical users can use AI to accelerate and enrich their workflows.

We are dreaming a world where machines will serve humans in a better way!