With good data, the right equipment and technology, people and institutions today can solve hard problems and change the world for the better.

In 2014, when we looked at the available technology, we saw products that were too rigid to handle novel problems and custom systems that took too long to deploy and required too many services to maintain and improve.

We saw automated approaches failed against adaptive adversaries and all-or-nothing access controls that forced organizations to make unacceptable trade-offs between collaborating and executing projects with non-effective ways.

We saw the need for a different kind of technology, and we knew it would take a different kind of company to build it. That is why we founded Iron Mall.

What We Do

We are focused on creating the world’s best user experience for working with industrial equipment, one that empowers people to ask complex questions without requiring them to master querying languages, technical skills or scientific command lines. To achieve this we build custom made engineering structural applications and user friendly platforms for integrating, managing and securing the operation of equipment, on top of which we layer applications for fully interactive human driven machines in a user safe environment.

We build our company around mission – driven engineering

We are engineers, not academics. At our facilities around Europe, we have assembled a team that combines practical expertise in mechanical, electronics and software engineering, big data processing, tailor made manufacturing and user experience design. Whatever their role, each member of Iron Mall combines an uncompromising engineering mindset with an i-unwavering focus on executing in service of the mission.

We meet the problems where they live

Our customers have data and a deep understanding of the problems they face. We have proven products and an engineering mindset. We send our engineers into the filed to work directly with our customers deploying our products, integrating their data, optimizing their workflows, and producing operational results in weeks, not years. By establishing a true partnership, we help customers get the most out of our products and engineering expertise.

We design technology and we go where we are need most

We are engineers on a mission. We seek out the most critical problems we can find the ones that pose threats not only to many of the world’s most important companies, but to the people they serve as well. Some institutions have the resources to pay for our products or services, and some don’t. Whatever the situation, our approach with all our customers is the same: to establish a partnership that transforms the way they use industrial equipment and data in pursuit of their goals.

Where We’re Going

We are working to build a future in which industrial companies, governmental organizations and the society can use equipment to function as they were designed, to fulfill the mandates with which they have been entrusted, to deliver value to customers and distribute aid to those most need.